Creating Your First Visual Basic Program - Full 1.0

Creating Your First Visual Basic Program - Full 1.0

Free Video lesson that guides you through the process of creating a V Basic program
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“Creating your first Visual Basic Program”, created by MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network), is an easy and fun way to get started programming on this language. Basically, this lesson on video format will guide you step by step, in creating a Visual Basic project, designing and creating the user interface, and testing your program. In about 10 minutes, you’ll have your first application up and running, in this case, a Web browser.
The lesson is structured into 5 steps with the following titles:
Step 1: “Create a Project in Visual Basic”
Step 2: “Create a User Interface”
Step 3: “Customize Looks and Behavior”
Step 4: “Add Visual Basic Code”
Step 5: “Run and Test your Program”
You can either take this lesson on-line from the MSDN web page, or you can download it to your computer, so you don’t need to be connected during your study time.
When you download and install this lesson , one new folder named “Creating your first Visual Basic program - Full” will be created on your computer, with the following three files:
1. “Creating your first VB program - Full.wmv”, a 9 minutes Windows Media Video file containing the lesson itself;
2. “Creating your first VB program - Transcript.doc”, a 4 pages Microsoft Word document with the video transcription;
3. “”, a Rich Text Format document containing license information;
This video lesson is the best way to get started programming in Visual Basic, and also the less time consuming one. Before taking this lesson, there’s one prerequisite to be met: Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition. You’ll find this course at the MSDN web site, under the Windows Development section, it is a collection of sixteen lessons that provides a deep introduction to Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition, and is oriented to people interested in designing and building Dynamic Windows Applications. If you’re reading this, it’s pretty sure that you’re one of those people.
Back to the lesson description, we have to mention that both, this lesson as the sixteen lessons course, are available for free for anyone who’s eager to learn.

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  • The lesson includes exercises
  • The lesson on video is very helpful, you can see what the instructor is explaining
  • The lesson is available on-line and for downloading


  • The lesson is available only in English
  • The lesson’s file is very large to download
  • There's only one program to create


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